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    Open on each of the 24 days before Christmas a new question. Until 12 o'clock midnight of the current day you have time to answer the question. For a correct answer you can collect points according to the schedule. The one who receives the most points will win. This is a 'just for fun' quiz.

    Type of Questions
    There are different types of questions: questions of knowledge, joking questions or small calculations and sometimes they have a reference to current events. The answer will always be a number...
    ... and in case you do not know the answer immediately, Google is your friend... :-)

    The closer to Christmas, the more points you will receive for a correct answer:
    December, 1 = 1 point
    December, 2 = 2 points
    December, 3 = 3 points
    December, 4 = 4 points
    December, 5 = 5 points etc.
    Which means, you can start a little bit later and still have the opportunity to win...

    The respective answer of the past day will be available in the app the following day in the afternoon. Also a highscore will be available.

    The questions and answers incl. list of source have been selected carefully. Should we find out until the end of the game, that there are other answers (incl. list of source) to a question available, we will remove that question from the game.

    Each participant will register using a nickname and thus can send answers.

    The player who received the most points until December 25, will win.

    - Candle graphics: (c) Elmar Ersch, source: Wikimedia Commons
    - Musik: Jingle Bells Courtesy of Kevin MacLeod at Incompetech.com,
    licensed under Creative Commons Attribution 3.0, source: Free Christmas Music Downloads
    - Sound snippets: source: freeSFX.co.uk
    - Cliparts: source: Clipart Kiste

    Available languages: English and German
    Tested on HTC Desire, optimized for screen sizes of 320 x 480.
    The app can be moved to the external storage to save memory.

    In case you like this app, please support us and rate the App in the Android Market. In case you have problems, please send us an e-mail, we help you as soon as possible.
    Free support at: advent@puravidaapps.com
    Also take a look at our webpage: Android Apps by Pura Vida Apps.

    Link to the app on Google Market

    11-21-2011 03:30 PM