1. johnnyshinta's Avatar
    between yelp and 4square, which do you/would you use and why?

    i am going to start using a check in service and am not sure which i want to use. yelp gives much more information about the place you are checking in at. (tips, reviews, pricing, phone number, amenities, etc) and can be used to look at places other than your current location. It does have badges and checking in but they are kind of an afterthought

    Foursquare is much more of a social app (duh). The entire app is about checking in and following your friends activity. It does have an explore feature to help you find new places in your area and it has an option to leave a tip about that place. But most tips are things people like on the menu or something of that nature. Not really a tip.

    The 4square app seems to be more polished but I'm not sure that is the best reason to choose a service.
    11-22-2011 06:21 AM
  2. ectoren's Avatar
    between yelp and 4square, which do you/would you use and why?

    The 4square app seems to be more polished but I'm not sure that is the best reason to choose a service.
    Well. Only you know that reasons. LOL. As far as which one I would use, I think you pretty pinpointed the general differences.

    Social vs. Utility

    Foursquare is all about telling folks where you are, raking up pts for being in places and being the top dog, and being the "mayor" of a particular place.

    Yelp is about sharing info on x business/place. As Yelp states you search "[...]for places to eat, shop, drink and play then read reviews from an active community of locals in the know."

    If you want to be in competing mode and telling people where you at, then Foursquare. If it's just about utility, then Yelp.

    I have had foursquare, but it does get on my nerves. .
    11-22-2011 11:03 AM
  3. srkmagnus's Avatar
    I am a Yelp user and find it very useful when I need to search for local businesses or things to do in an area I'm not familiar with. The check in service is ok -- however, the over-all Android app could use some re-polishing to be more user friendly.

    Unfortunately I can't comment on Foursquare since I don't use it. Friends say that it is good and more intuitive than Yelp -- in what ways I don't know. You can use the Yelp app without signing in to get a feel for it -- certain features will be unavailable until you create an account. This will at least give you an idea of what to expect from the service.
    11-22-2011 11:56 AM
  4. johnnyshinta's Avatar
    It is more intuitive and it is fun. But it doesn't give as much info on the business that yelp does. It is more of a game than a utility.
    11-25-2011 05:54 AM
  5. johnnyshinta's Avatar
    I'm leaning towards foursquare. I think if I can add some more friends it will be tons of fun. Yelp just seems cumbersome as an app and as an information system it is fine. But as a social check in service it's a bit lacking.
    11-25-2011 12:20 PM
  6. Tre Lawrence's Avatar
    Foursquare is kinda fun, though I find myself taking weeks/months off periodically (like now).
    11-26-2011 12:13 PM
  7. tsak6789's Avatar
    I use Foursquare more as a game than a place for info.
    When I want info on a place I use Yelp, but not for checking in.
    11-26-2011 11:06 PM
  8. tony bag o donuts's Avatar
    I use both but don't check in using yelp.
    02-21-2012 11:29 AM
  9. stanly1's Avatar
    As you and others already stated, I use both. I only check in to Foursquare and see where friends are at. Yelp for reviews to find a good place to eat at.
    02-26-2012 09:15 PM