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    Gooloo is a social network built for mobile platforms. Gooloo is not just like other messaging apps which let users to send messages to each other. Gooloo provides an environment for you and your friends to stay in touch with each other and follow what is going on with your network of friends.

    With Gooloo, You are able to communicate with any of your friends privately or be in a conversation with a group of your friends. You can send status updates to all of your friends and let them know what is going on with you. More than that, Gooloo lets you to write a note for your friends publicly, something like a birthday wish!


    - Gooloo membership is by phone number:
    Becoming a Gooloo member is pretty easy. Once your phone number is verified, you become a member of Gooloo network and your phone number is all we use to identify you. There is no username and password in registration process. All we need from you is your name and picture.

    - Gooloo friendship:
    Similar to Gooloo membership, your network of your friends are also created based on phone numbers. Once you register in Gooloo, we will scan your contact list and match it with our server to identify which one of your contacts are on Gooloo. Those contacts will be automatically added to your network.
    If one of your contacts does not have your number, you will not show up in his/her network and s/he cannot initiate any message to you. Although since you have his/her number, you can send message to him/her and s/he can respond to you.

    - Notification:
    Anytime someone sends you a message, you will get a notification on your notification bar and the message will be added to your conversations automatically.

    - Different types of communications in Gooloo:

    1-on-1 conversation: any private conversation between 2 friends in considered 1-on-1. No matter how many different messages you send to your friend, they will be added to the same conversation. This makes it easy to find your previous conversations with your friend

    Group conversation: private conversations between more than 2 friends are considered group message. Only the people in the conversation can see the messages and can comment on it.

    Status updates: Status update is your opportunity to communicate with your friends about anything that comes to your mind. All of your friends will see your status updates and can comment on it.

    Notes: You are able to write note for your friends publicly on their page. it can be something like a birthday wish. When you send a note to your friend, all of his/her friends will see that note and are able to also comment on it.

    - Blocking your friends:
    In case you have somebody in your network which you prefer not to receive your status updates, you can block that friend. Once blocked, they no longer receive your status updates or any comments on your already submitted statuses.

    - Log out
    There is no log-in process in Gooloo. Once you open the application, you are logged in and you remain logged in and will receive messages. If you wish not to receive messages from Gooloo temporarily, you can log out. The next time you open the application, your conversations will sync with server and you will receive any message that has been sent to you while you were logged out.
    11-23-2011 01:28 AM