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    Is it just me or does all the excel software in Android OS suck? I am coming from Windows Mobile OS, and while the hardware may not be the greatest (i.e. Omnia II), the Pocket Excel worked flawlessly. Here's what I've tried on Android so far:

    -Piece of lagging crap. Takes forever to open, and whenever you edit cells it takes forever to recalculate variables. Totally unusable.
    -For some reason typing over a cell does not replace its contents but adds on to the cell, so you have to delete the contents of the cell before entering new data, which is very irritating.
    -If you zoom out too far, the contents of the cell do not show up

    -Need to tap "edit" button whenever you want to edit contents of a cell.
    -Cannot select entire row, drag selection is only limited to normal selection (i.e. can't click on row number to select entire row).

    Documents to Go
    -Faster when opening documents, but lags whenever you want to insert row.
    -No drag selection
    -Very inefficient, in the sense that it takes many clicks to get to where you want.

    -Slightly faster, but still laggy. It does not save from where you left off, always open at cell A1 on the first worksheet. Scrolling through few thousands lines to get to the bottom is not fun.

    -Turned off calculations automatically because they were too many. WTF?
    -Cannot select entire row, drag selection is only limited to normal selection (i.e. can't click on row number to select entire row).

    Problems common to all Office Apps
    - Inability to drag and select multiple rows.. For example, if I want to copy 10 rows and insert it below, NONE of the software can do this. The only way is to select one row at a time, and the copy-and-paste functionality is SUPER SLOW!
    -Capacitive stylus that I've seen do not have pointed edges making it extremely difficult to manipulate spreadsheets properly. Resizing cell size is also impossible, since my finger is too fat to accurately point to the line separating rows and columns!
    - There is no scroll bar to quickly scroll down. Try flicking your way through thousands of rows, how fun is that?
    - There is no drag selection of cells, i.e. I can't drag select five cells and have the software calculate the mean value
    Btw, Pocket Excel in Windows Mobile could do all of these and more!!!

    I'm using an Epic 4G that has better CPU and GPU than my old Omnia II, but the excel performance (for the functions that work) on Android is sluggish and even worse that Windows Mobile. Isn't there a proper excel software out there? Why can't anyone make a proper excel software that works like Pocket Excel? In pocket excel, I can tap and hold and instantly there will be a series of contextual menus and will allow me to do almost anything - format cells, insert row, delete row, etc... In most android software, the functionality is hidden through at least >3 clicks. All android software for excel seems to have been designed by idiots who have never used excel before. Am I the only one who has experienced this?
    11-27-2011 08:02 AM