1. nautcasprt6's Avatar
    Only a week with my Xoom and Im upto like 50 apps on it already.

    Ive download and tried quite a few apps but came up empy. Im looking for a Notepad/Memopad that I can sync with my Xoom and Droid.
    I love NoteEverything but I wish it would sync with my phone and tablet at the same time.
    If NoteEverything had a premium version that had the Sync option I would pay for it.
    Im not looking for anything fancy, but entering in Multiple catagories is a must.

    Another app that im looking for is a traffic cam with real camera footage.
    When I had my Blackberry there was an app named 3DLiveTraffic (I think that was the name) that would show live footage but the site no longer exists.
    Ive looked for a few, but alof of them dont have real traffic cameras.
    Does anyone know of a good one of these?

    Last but not least, plaese tell me there is an app to control your Xoom from a Android Device?
    I leave my Xoom on the speaker dock and play music, but if I need to change the track or pause, i have to get up and walk over to the xoom.
    Ive seen the VNC Viewrs/Servers but Id prefer somethign taht I dont use my Droid screen as a mouse. Rather just a few Buttons on the screen that I can press to control the xoom.
    Is there anything that it can be controlled form the Droid?

    Thanks in advance and Happy Holidays.
    11-28-2011 10:25 AM