1. XXXdc5's Avatar
    So when i try to add my city it doesnt come up in the search


    with my location on, the widget on my home page shows my city and its name... WTF!? lol

    what is going on here?

    i have an incredible if that helps at all
    05-25-2010 04:12 AM
  2. anon(12496)'s Avatar
    That's alright. Only major cities show up in the list. I would advise you to keep your widgets set to "current location" anyway, that way you always see the relevant forecast no matter where you are. I would bet that resolving your city's name from location data and pulling the forecast from the cloud are two different services. So even though your phone can tell what city you're in and it can also pull weather data from your geographical location, it makes no connection between the two.
    05-25-2010 05:12 AM
  3. XXXdc5's Avatar
    Yeah that's pretty ridiculous
    05-25-2010 03:32 PM