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    I have the Samsung Infuse. Is there any way or app that will make it so I can change the default screen for making a call? Right now whenever I push the phone button, it takes me right to the dial pad, I like calling from the call logs screen better, can I make that the default?

    Second, are there any apps for just normal notification sounds? Not mp3 ringtones, not funny sound effects, just normal sounds for texts, emails, calendars, etc.

    Third, what's the best music player? I have PowerAMP now, which isn't too bad, but I'd like one that's a little easier to control/access when I'm driving.

    Last (sorry, more than a couple, let me know if I should make these all separate posts), what are all the safest places to download apps? All I use now is Market, but I want to see if some others have more options but I'm worried they aren't as safe as Market.

    Thank you!
    12-09-2011 10:38 AM
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    I can help you with a couple issues.

    The only way I know of to get straight to your call log with one touch is by using the widget called "Call Log" which comes bundled with a launcher called SPB SHELL 3D. This is a paid app found in the Market.

    As far as notifications are concerned, if you do not like any of the pre-installed notifications & ringtones on your phone, I would suggest you try Ringdroid (made by "Ringdroid Team" and is free in the Android Market) and making your own sounds with any audio clip you can get your hands on. There's nothing wrong with making a tone from an mp3 file. Not all mp3 files are music. Do a Google search, download the mp3 files that are to your liking, then edit them with Ringdroid.

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    12-10-2011 03:13 AM