1. cazlo's Avatar
    Hello there,, I found out by using WatchDog and PhoneUsage applications that MAPS is downloading loads of data sometimes when I am not connected to WiFi and was using 3G!!! this really costs me ALOT!! and drains the battery..
    there is no specific schedule for these downloads to happen, its mostly in the early morning while I am at work. so I am not connected to any WiFi network.

    The problem is temporarily solved by going to the Application Manager and then Clear the data on the Maps app, this will let it stop downloading but later after some days it start downloading again even if I do not open the app all this time..
    ps: even when I turn off BG data download!!!!
    ps2: I am not logged in to latitude or any other maps related app

    I got the Samsung ACE phone with Android 2.3.3
    this is the ONLY thing I really hate about the phone, I CANNOT stop this to happen... I dont mind to remove the maps app but I cannot and I dont want to root the device.. please help me if you ever faced such a problem. I want to know what I really being downloaded and how the hell can I stop this to happen forever!! thnx
    12-11-2011 02:21 AM