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    This email app comes so highly recommended, but I feel like either I have it set up improperly or its just missing some features that I consider important. Am I missing something on the settings?

    1. Threaded email view. I don't want each and every reply in a conversation listed as a separate email.

    2. Send and reply options visible in the compose screen. Instead I have to hit menu, etc. The actual Gmail app just recently added this feature and it's hard to go back with K9.

    Are there options for the above features that I'm just missing? I happen to really love k9s multi select feature which allows you to check /uncheck emails and batch delete - a feature that I don't think Gmail has. Before I switch back, I would check in here. If I indeed cannot find these features on k9, is there another gmail replacement app I should be looking at? Thanks.

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    12-11-2011 08:03 AM