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    You might be interested in a new Android Security app, that protects your phone against all kinds of ARP related attacks.

    Make your phone immune against WifiKill, DroidSheep, ettercap, FaceNiff, Cain & Abel and all others that use ARP spoofing.

    What is Wifi Protector?
    Wifi Protector is a Android security app especially designed to detect and prevent ARP poisoning attacks against your phone in Wifi networks.

    How does it work?
    Wifi Protector runs a service on your Android Smartphone that continuously monitors network related parameters. When abnormal behaviour is detected, an alarm is triggered. The type of alarm can be configured. Detection and alarms work on non-rooted phones. On rooted phones it is also possible to reconfigure the phone to make it immune against the attack.

    The app is available from Android Market.

    Comments, questions, suggestions are welcome.

    12-11-2011 01:01 PM