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    I have a Droid Razr. I have the QuickOffice app that came pre-installed and I also installed the DocumentsToGo app. Both are capable of working with Word, Excel, PowerPoint and PDF files. I'm using the Kaiten Mail email app.

    I am not able to view any email attachments on the Razr (except for JPG files). When I try to view any other type of file I get an error message saying either "can not open file" or "file is corrupt." When I view the same email attachments on my PC there's no problem.

    As a test I direct copied some Word, Excel and PDF files from my PC to the Razr. I have no trouble viewing them. The only time I have trouble is trying to view a file that came as an email attachment.

    Any clues or suggestions appreciated!

    12-14-2011 11:45 AM