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    How do you find your car when you are really far away, and have no idea where you parked? Do you want to see how long are you from your home? How can you to store in your phone, point of interest so you can find them later? And more interesting: How to find a route and directions to all this points? Well "WhereIs" can help you!!

    With "WhereIs" you can:

    * Find the coordinates of a point in the map
    * Store a point in the map to a phone database
    * Store your current location to a phone database
    * Display your current location
    * Add more info for a point stored to the database (like Title and Details)
    * Show your stored points to the map
    * Sort your stored points (by time, title, etc)
    * Edit or delete your stored points
    * Show details of your stored points
    * Find and display a route between two stored points
    * Find and display a route between a stored point and your current location
    * Display to the above route your current location, so you can follow the route in real time
    * Change between satellite and map view.
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    05-27-2010 01:05 AM
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    Hmmmm. Wonder if this post needs a disclaimer? I like and use WhereIs but if you work for the company you need to disclose it.
    05-27-2010 09:18 AM