1. liquidmonkey's Avatar
    can someone explain how the HTC weather widget works please? does it download all the weather info for the week and then update according to that info or does it need to be connected to the internet all the time?

    i use the one with the big clock and then the weather is centered below it.
    its the popular one they always show.

    i'm using a DESIRE.

    anyway, it used to work all the time, meaning it would change during the day depending on the weather of course.
    but lately, its not changing and i have to connect to my WIFI and refresh it in order to get the latest.

    it only stopped working the last week and i'm trying to narrow it down if an app is responsible or not but i have quite a few so its hard.

    any help would be great, thanks!
    05-27-2010 07:18 AM