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    I am now in crazy love with Camcard. Nothing can be better than Camcard which has pulled me out of the painstaking trouble to manage bunches of cards every day.But I have some problems to make advantage of Camcard to the fullest extent.
    Camcard excels in many aspects than Worldcard and some other business card readers. The recognition accuracy is very high, and I dont need to further edit since the information will be under the correct column automatically. All I need to do is to click a shutter, then Camcard will auto-crop, auto-enhance image. Besides these traditional functions, I can take pictures in bunch, which really saved time for a person with so many cards everyday like me. But I know the app has the function to export the file to the excel , back up the files and protect the file with password, I do not know how to do. Can anyone tell me how to do that?
    12-17-2011 10:25 AM
  2. DOOG9517's Avatar
    12-18-2011 06:50 AM