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    You Are Here v1.0.3
    Requirements: Android 2.1+
    Overview: We simplified search. We took Google map, overlayed all your favorite retailers on top of it with large colorful logos - easy to spot and easy to navigate. Ever try searching for Starbucks on the web while driving ? When you get the result, then what ! We made it simpler for you. You pan the map into the direction you are going, spot the famous Starbucks logo, click for direction.

    You Are Here! Now what would you like to do next ?
    • Featuring the largest United State interactive retailers directory map.
    • Discover the retailers around you.
    • Look ahead at other locations. Great way to plan ahead before you reach your next destination.
    • Provides direct speed dialing to retailers.
    • Fully functional without using GPS to conserve battery.
    • Battery friendly.

    Add feature request in this thread or email wwubbzy/gmail

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    Here, Inc. - You Are Here For Android
    12-19-2011 03:51 PM
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    Released v1.5.0 with social network features check it out.

    Deal tagging (coupons, deals, and bargains): Its lets you add new deals as you find them along you route of discovery
    02-02-2012 01:57 PM