1. bubbatex's Avatar
    I need to run two Exchange accounts on my Droid and I am trying to figure out which one I want to run natively in Android and which one I want in Touchdown. As I see it, the Exchange I use the most - or need the most capabilities in - is the one I should run through Touchdown. Is everything "contained" in Touchdown or will, say, both Exchange accounts have contacts in the Droid's contact file, etc.?
    05-27-2010 11:37 PM
  2. flipfone's Avatar
    I saved contacts to the phone from Touchdown then linked them to current contacts so all the data is together. I didnt have to do that all IS contained. Plus the Touchdown Universal widget allows you to have all on your homescreen, just the unread messages populate there. Have you tried it? Theres a 30 day trial. Im on day 6 i really like it.
    05-28-2010 02:16 AM