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    How do I truly delete movies from the "Watch" video store? I have purchased a few movies from within that app that I have watched and that are now expired, but the movies remain on the phone; even after I deleted them from within the app. So I have several GB's of storage space that I can't seem to get back.

    So is there a way to actually delete the movie downloads that I purchased from the "Watch" app video store? Is there a folder where the movie downloads go, where I can delete them directly? The app doesn't offer up much support; so that is why I am asking this question here.

    I did notice that if I press over the movie in the library view, that I am given an option to remove the movie from my library, and that method seems to remove the movie from my phone, but it hasn't worked with all of the movies. I was able to remove three movies from my memory card using the Remove From Library option, but 2 more still remain on the card. So no one method seems to be working in the same way for each movie. If I could just find the folder where the movies are stored, then I would be able to hopefully delete the movies without much of a problem.

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    12-21-2011 03:50 PM
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    Can anyone help me out? I deleted all of the movies that I downloaded through the "Watch" app and I'm still missing around 4GBs of storage space on my memory card. I deleted the movies by removing them from the "Library" view within the app, which did work on a few movies. After I deleted them from my Library, 3 of the movies were deleted from the memory card and the app that shows how much memory is left on the card, changed to reflect the changes, but three more movie still remained on the card. Nothing that I have tried so far have given me back the 4GBs of storage space that the 3 movies have taken up.

    Anyone have any ideas, or at least know where those movies would be stored on the memory card? I'm grateful for any help that I receive.

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    12-23-2011 05:18 PM
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    Hey. I was having the same problem on my Galaxy Nexus. Atleast for ICS it seems like going into the info screen for the Videos app and then Uninstalling Updates to Application gave me back the 3 gigs that the movie was taking up.

    You may also be able to download a file manager application from the market to go into the file system and manually delete the movies.

    Hope that helps.
    12-28-2011 06:17 PM