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    For a few months I've been having issues with Launcher Pro, paid version, realllly lagging. I tried playing with the advanced memory settings, resetting and restoring from a backup, but the lag continued. Frustrated today I did a random Google search and came across a blog, referenced below, that mentioned about Pandora running as a service even though he hadn't started it in a month. I took a look at my Atrix and sure enough Pandora was running and while watching the process it would occasionally hit the CPU. I tried the tip of changing the BlueTooth Car setting to disabled, but it still didn't help. I finally completely removed Pandora and viola, no more lag in LP! Why in the heck would an app like Pandora need to run as a service?

    Blog reference: Pandora on Android Service starting automatically

    12-25-2011 01:15 PM