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    Hey all,

    I know that the forums are peppered with random threads here and there about Facebook on and Facebook apps on our Android phones, but I figured I would start a thread to see what combo of apps/notification services used by those of us who are obsessed with getting the most of out FB on our devices. It seems that there are several very decent apps out there, but each has at least one major set-back that has to be made up by another app, etc....this leads to several apps being used to get most out of FB.

    The main thing I am concerned with is getting every single type of notification (every like, every comment on my posts, every poke, etc). On top of that, I want a decent app to view my wall, newsfeed and content as close to the original FB web page as possible.

    What I current use for FB notifications is MB Notify - it works well for alerting (in real time) on all types of alerts (even likes).

    From those notifications, I have the MB Notify app direct me to the FBM app which is similar to the newly updated official FB Android app - but I find that FBM is a bit more detailed in the types of notifications that it shows in your notifications queue.

    I also use FriendCaster Pro to browse (I love the long press to like, and to see the likes). However, some content is randomly dropped from the newsfeed, so I see that on the official FB app.

    I know it seems like a lot - but it's not as bad as it seems. I just like to make sure I'm not missing anything.

    What have you guys found that works?

    Ya know, if there was a way to make bookmark for facebook.com that ALWAYS was routed to the non-mobile site - that would be awesome....

    Thanks in advance, and I look forward to the feedback....

    12-28-2011 10:44 AM
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    You actually can make a bookmark for the non-mobile site. First, on the side bar in the mobile site select desktop view. Then bookmark that url. Next, long press on your home screen, select "shortcuts", and then App actions. Select "bookmark" from there and choose the desktop facebook site.
    02-07-2012 10:36 PM