1. MojaveHigh's Avatar
    I'm looking for a small widget that will work like the GPS and Wifi toggle buttons but will turn on and off GPS logging.

    Current GPS trackers are full of mapping functionality and are aimed at logging specific tracks: a hike, a drive, etc. Additionally, it can take 4-5 steps to start a tracker and then another 4-5 to stop it: open app, go to tracker list, create new track, start tracking, close app (tracking runs in background).

    A widget like this would allow for simple logging of your location throughout the day. You could turn it on after you wake up, turn it off when you get to your office desk, turn it back on when you walk to lunch, off again at lunch, etc. This would track your day but save a lot of battery.

    I've tried a half dozen great GPS apps, but none has this simple functionality. Does anyone know of any? I'm a developer, so if this widget doesn't exist, I'm going to build it.
    12-28-2011 02:22 PM