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    You may have not noticed this, but that Redial button, that exists on virtually any desk / home phone, does not exist on smartphones...! And for no good reason!

    There are quite a few applications out there that do quick-dialing, smart dialing, and so on, but! we looked around, and could not find a well-designed redial application that, with one click, immediately redials the last number you just called!

    So we made it ourselves.

    Meet RedHot Redial.

    RedHot Redial is a 1-click, no questions asked, lightning-speed redial application.

    Unlike other apps out there, RedHot Redial will NOT pop-up ANY windows, will NOT show you a list of the last 20 numbers and make you choose, will NOT open the last person's contact details and make you choose.. RedHot does NOT waste your time!
    With RedHot, it is 1-click, and you are connected! So easy - and SO useful!

    When you think about it, sometimes, simply not having a 1-click redial can cause you to not be able to make that call at all. Which means you are not getting what you can and should be getting from your phone!

    For example, when you have just 30 seconds to say one last thing you forgot to say to your spouse, before the elevator arrives, and you rush into a meeting you are already late for, if you need to spend 10 seconds looking for how to get him/her back, the elevator will be there, and you just couldn't make that call. Then this fact bothers you all through the meeting.. so, it's not really 10 seconds. It's much more. This shouldn't happen. Now, with RedHot, it takes 2 seconds, and you are connected! and there is no stress, because you always know where that button is! Just 1-click, problem solved.

    Also, when you are in the car, driving and on the speaker phone (in places and in ways where it is not prohibited by law of course), and your call gets disconnected due to bad reception, you will try to reconnect. And nowadays, with touch-screens, it's basically impossible to do that without taking your eyes (and attention!) off the road for some long risky seconds! With RedHot installed, this is not a problem anymore! You just tap RedHot once, and you're connected! Faster, simpler, and safer!

    If you think about it, it really doesn't make sense NOT to have a 1-click redial "button" on your mobile!

    We warmly invite you to download RedHot Redial from the Android Market, here:


    Download and enjoy! RedHot is FREE.

    Oh, and one or two last tips:

    - We recommend you place the RedHot icon on your bottom left corner of your home screen: (1) this is the easiest (and fastest) spot for your thumb to reach (2) you will always remember where your redial button is, so you never have to look for it when you're in a hurry! You might even be able to redial without looking!

    - For those of you who want an even faster service, you can Drag & Drop a RedHot icon on each of your favorite home screens (bottom left, right?)! This way, no matter what screen you are on - you always have a super-fast, 1-click redial right there!

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    12-30-2011 05:03 PM
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    If you liked RedHot Redial, you will LOVE RedHot CallBack! It is its "mirror twin", and highly useful!

    Just click the "B" and you are immediately calling BACK to the last person who CALLED YOU!

    More about RedHot CallBack in this AndroidCentral post: RedHot CallBack: Call back with just 1-click!
    01-23-2012 11:18 AM