1. fibularsoft's Avatar
    We are proud to announce our new Android App: "Gps Protector".

    (Link to Android Market)

    Among the more than 30 functions, it has several innovative and totally new funcionalities (all included in an unique screen)
    -Anti-Sleep function: Our phone will be our best friend while driving, avoiding you get asleep
    -sos-SMS function: in case you suffer an accident, your phone will send a SMS up to 4 numbers, including your position.
    -Safe and Brake distance and time
    -Light on/off: your phone will detect if you should swich on your lights.
    -Resting function: You'll be advertised if driving while estipulated time.
    -Frontal and lateral inclination.

    -Central Display: Shows travel statistical parameters such as average speed, maximum speed, maximum altitude, minimum altitude, departure time, and if happen, also shows 4 Alert functions: speed, height, resting advertisment and alarm function.
    -Number of satellites available (in use)
    -Number of satellites in view (not yet in use)
    -Graphical representation of all satellites with their quality of reception, both available (green) and the view (in gray)
    -Error in the precision of the satellite signal in meters
    -Distance traveled in kilometers.
    -Trip chronometer showing hours, minutes and seconds.
    -Speaker + warning lights, to listen to messages from antisleep function
    -Speed in km/h or miles/h. If we select a speed limit on the menu, then, if exceeding it, that area will blink red and shows visual and acoustic limit alert
    -Altitude, in meters above sea level. Also flash red and visual and acoustic warning limit, if it exceeds the limit set by us in the menu.
    -Clock. Function AM and PM. Flashes red if we drive for more of the time specified by us on the menu.
    -Compass, indicating north by red hand, and indicating the distance in degrees from it.
    -Route recording.
    -Battery level.
    01-05-2012 09:41 AM
  2. scaryhumor's Avatar
    Ok, a few things...
    It's not a GPS app as one would assume. It does not route you, and appears to be nothing more than a distraction while driving.

    Couldn't find an American proofreader? My fav quote "Then, your phone will ask you questions about simple mathing that will make your mind remains active."

    This for $5? Good luck with that.
    01-05-2012 05:09 PM
  3. MojaveHigh's Avatar
    How does the anti-sleep function work?

    How does it determine the distance to the green and red vehicles in front of you? Is there some sensor on our phones I am unaware of?

    I can overlook minor spelling and grammar mistakes (although if you're trying to sell something, you should want to get it right), but what does this mean? "You'll be advertised if driving while estipulated time." Sounds like a medical procedure.
    01-05-2012 08:07 PM
  4. scaryhumor's Avatar
    You need to read the description, but you have to lower your IQ first. The cars displayed show your stopping distance based on current speed. No sensors, doesn't "see". Honestly, it's a waste of time.
    01-05-2012 09:26 PM
  5. MojaveHigh's Avatar
    Ah, reading does help.

    "-Safe and Brake distance and time" - that makes a lot more sense.
    01-05-2012 09:38 PM