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    KeroMouse is the most advanced mouse application for Android devices to control your computer by your phone.
    It offers lots of features and customizations not found in other mouse applications.

    Some features :
    - You can configure any gesture to perform any action you want.
    - Supports up to 3 fingers and recognizes lots of gestures.
    - You can perform gestures with up to 3 fingers at the same time. For example you can perform a pinch-in gesture or "three fingers move down" gesture
    - Lots of actions and action groups to trigger.
    - Configure KeroMouse to perform different actions for different applications in response to the same gesture.
    - Extra Actions for special type of applications: A panel consists of frequently used actions in some type of applications shows up in your phone when the relevant application is being active in Windows.
    - Launch your favorite applications in your PC from your phone.
    - Use your phones keyboard to enter text to your PC.
    - Control your favorite media player from your phone. It currently supports Windows Media Player, WinAmp, VLC Player and Media Player Classic.
    - Take advantage of your phones sensors to trigger actions. For example just tilt your phone to left to go to the previous page in web browser.
    - Touchpad mode and Mouse-like mode.
    - KeroMouse makes dragging and selecting in Windows much easier.
    - Adjust your computer's volume from your phone's volume hardware buttons.
    - And some other features...

    Video Tour :

    Lite version for FREE and Pro version for just $0.99

    Please visit KeroMouse website to learn more :

    01-06-2012 01:50 PM