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    What do you use your Android for? I specifically mean niche things or how it enhances your hobbies. I think it would be fun to share how we use our phones. Hope this thread inspire new users how they can get better use for there phone.
    My hobbies are nature photography and astronomy. No I don't use my phone to take serious phone I have a great camera for that, however the gps and maps give me ideas on where to photograph. Plus gps is great at helping me navigate to great locations. I have all of the Audubon nature guides. They are fantastic at helping me ID birds, trees or flowers that I photograph.
    For my astronomy hobby Android had very week apps. Google sky maybe fine for those who are curious where Orion or Jupiter is be very inadequate for those of use with large telescopes. 3 weeks ago a great app called skysafari pro was released. It has extreme detail giving me all the tools I need to find all objects in can see with my telescope. It will even interface with my telescope to guide it to any comet, asteroid, or galaxy I wish to view. It is apps like this that makes Android great and provide creative solutions for our unique needs.
    So how do you use your phone?

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    01-11-2012 10:00 AM