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    Android Market (FREE) - https://play.google.com/store/apps/d...labs.trivalist

    Challenge Yourself. Challenge Your Friends! You could win a new Kindle Fire for playing!

    Trivalist is a social trivia game you can play with your friends! Download the free app and challenge your friends to a game of trivia! Trivalist contains a number of popular trivia categories and a continually updated set of relevant trivia questions.

    Trivalist integrates with your Facebook account to give you an easy way to see which categories your friends are best at, and send them a challenge to show them youre better! Dont have Facebook? No problem, you can create an account with your email and set up random challenges or start a game with a friend using their email. Trivalist gives you a variety of ways to create games, talk some smack, and get ahead!

    With Trivalist, youll find a ton of features to track your progress and engage with your friends over a game of challenging trivia. Trivalist includes:

    * Facebook integration to challenge your friends and see their progress.
    * Beautiful high-resolution images for your Facebook friends.
    * A strategic lifeline system that gives you the chance to turn the tables in a single question.
    * Game Chat to exchange messages with your opponent.
    * Detailed information about your opponents last move, so you can see how they did.
    * Great options for creating a game; by Facebook friends, random opponent, or by email.
    * An in-depth leveling component to measure your progress by category.
    * A profile view of you or your friends, to see level progress, best categories, win/loss totals, overall score, and even previous game history.

    Each game is played by two players and can be played at your leisure. Once one player plays their question, the second player is sent an immediate push notification. Once the second players question has been answered, the process repeats. Each player is given the same question for each round. Every question has a timer of 30 seconds and is worth a maximum of 100 points. As the timer ticks down, points are removed from the value of the question. At the 20 and 10 second marks, an incorrect answer is removed from play. Once you select an answer, that answer is locked in and the round is over. If you answer the question correctly, youll earn the points left towards your game total. The first player to reach 1,000 points wins the game and a set of coins.

    During each game you have the opportunity to use 3 lifelines; 20%, 50/50, and Ask the Net. Each lifeline costs 20 coins and can only be played once per game, so use them wisely! You earn coins by winning games (20 coins), losing games (5 coins), and through in-app purchases. You start with 200 coins by downloading the game.

    * 20%: Adds 20% to the score you earn on this question.
    * 50/50: Leaves only two possible answers, one being the correct answer.
    * Ask the Net: Shows you percentages on how the question has been answered by other players.

    Like real-world prizes for playing games? We do too! Were giving away a brand new Kindle Fire to the player who scores the most overall points in January 2012 (1/1/12-1/31/12)! Well announce the winner on our Twitter account and reach out to them by email/Facebook.
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