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    Ill preface this by saying I have posted a question on the Tasker google group as well but its awaiting moderator approval. I wanted to tackle this issue from multiple avenues. I have searched on this site and through google with no success. So maybe my needs arent possible with Tasker?

    When Wifi is enabled my phone will auto-detect and auto-connect to any open wifi it finds (i.e. Free Wifi Hotspots).

    Short Version:
    If I detect Free Wifi then connect to it. Otherwise keep wifi off.

    Long Version:
    I need to periodically turn on Wifi, confirm if connected to wifi, and if not turn off wifi, then recheck a few minutes later. If connected to wifi then leave wifi on. I do not want to location based action because I don't want to have to manually add every WiFi location I encounter first.

    I really have tried but there doesn't SEEM to be an easy way to do this because the profile and task options available aren't sufficient. For example setting a new profile there is the option to detect WIFI Connection/No Connection but NOT an option to detect WIFI ON/OFF. When creating a task there's no action for detect Wifi Connection/No Connection like there is with setting the Profile but there is the Wifi On/Off.

    I'm still learning Tasker and how variables work. Too bad its not in VB cause I could nail it easily.

    Any help is appreciated.
    01-17-2012 05:37 PM
  2. Angelsnecropolis's Avatar
    I thought I had it figured out but nope.
    01-17-2012 05:53 PM
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    I didn't check thoroughly, but I think it can work.

    You can setup a timed event, say to do something every 5 minutes from a start time to an end time, midnight to midnight in your case. You would check wifi state. If it is connected, do nothing. If not connected, turn wifi on. Then have another timed event that runs every 5 minutes (from 12:02 to 12:02 maybe?) that checks if there is a wifi connection. If there is, do nothing. If there isn't, turn wifi off.

    Seems like that should work, but I didn't finish building the task.
    01-18-2012 12:39 AM
  4. Angelsnecropolis's Avatar
    I MIGHT... have just figured something out. But i won't have free wifi to test it for another 10 min. The wifi connection test was case sensitive. So when I used If %WIFI ~ OFF it didn't recognize the "OFF" therefore that task didn't trigger. But when I used "Off" it recognizes it. So now just waiting till I get home to confirm.

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    01-18-2012 02:07 AM