1. chippy19977's Avatar
    Recent iPhone convert and I used to be able to see all YouTube videos I watched in history. I can't seem to find it on Android and can't find the answer online. Is this even an option? I know how to clear history, but how do I view it?
    01-19-2012 01:06 PM
  2. mvdior's Avatar
    same here: recently abandoned iphone in favor of SAMSUNG galaxy s2 skyrocket . I particular liked the function where you could go to YouTube history and continue to thewatch a video you dropped in the middle.
    02-01-2012 10:28 PM
  3. americanmambi's Avatar
    ok I am in same boat as you guys, convert from iphone, drove me nuts for a few weeks till i realized a way of viewing YouTube history for android. This method essentially will keep you from using the YouTube app that android gives u and you would instead browser login on YouTube from w/e web explorer u got. Once u log in you can view the history by clicking the little square box by the search icon which opens a menu with diff options, history is one of them. I did notice that u have to view vids from ur browser NOT from the app so u can maintain a history. If someone else has another way please share it. I think this work-around is very clunky and the reason as to why Android does not have a history tab in the YouTube app easy to access similar to the Iphone completely eludes me just the same way that we cant multitask while a video is playing (either from YouTube or any other source).
    04-03-2012 09:16 AM