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    Call back with just 1-click!

    So we have amazing smartphones, but somehow it is very much a hassle to simply call-back the last person who called you!

    Waiting for the dialer to come up, going through menus, selecting contacts... Who has time for all that?

    We believe returning a call should not take you 10 seconds and 5 clicks.
    It should take you 1 second, and 1 click.

    Enter RedHot CallBack - and that's exactly what you get!

    RedHot CallBack is always there on your home screen, waiting for the moment you need to return a call. Then you simply click the "B" icon, and boom. You're on the call. As simple as that. As simple as it should be.

    RedHot CallBack is now FREE to download from the Android Market.

    You may notice, RedHot CallBack is the "young sister" of RedHot Redial. Together, "R" and "B" give you ultimate redialing speed and comfort. For both outgoing and incoming calls.

    Both "R" and "B" adhere to the same principle:

    You get what you want with 1-click .

    And they are as fast as it gets.

    Download RedHot CallBack here:

    And RedHot Redial here:

    We hope you will enjoy "R" and "B" on a daily basis, as well as the feeling of FREEDOM you get when you know you are SAVING TIME!

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    01-23-2012 06:04 AM