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    CyanogenMod Updater

    My buddy and I are coding an Android app to update your officially CM supported device. With this you can check if there's a new update for your device. I didn't feel like checking the CM website for an update for my device, nor did I want to buy ROM Manager.. Here are the 3 main screen's that will come in the app:

    Red: New update is available
    Green: You're up to date with your ROM
    Blue Spinning: Screen when something loading(Downloading, getting info, etc..)

    • Download updates
    • Get notifications
    • Automatically flash package for you
    • Just boot into recovery when done
    • More...

    To download the update, you simply press on the CyanogenMod picture. I will have a beta up soon, hopefully by tomorrow or Friday.

    Any suggestions? Thoughts?

    Here's a question, My friend and I want to make a free version with no notifications, and have ads. A paid version for $0.99 with no ads, and get notifications. Good idea?

    01-25-2012 10:35 PM