1. Spunks3's Avatar
    so as i made the switch over to the EVO 4G, i have left my pre, only to find out that the Facebook Beta app on the pre just added photo tagging. This is a huge feature that i wanted from when i got the pre, and im kinda bummed ill be missing out. Is there some way that i haven't found to tag photos in the Facebook android app? its a pain to do it from the full website but can do for now. i upload tons of pictures and this would be awesome if the feature was available but i missed it.
    06-03-2010 09:38 PM
  2. WAM's Avatar
    i know you can do it on the full site from phone (NOT the mobile one) kinda annoying and inefficient , but hey it works
    06-03-2010 10:14 PM
  3. Pipester's Avatar
    To put it nicely... Like the Pre, the Facebook app for Android is still in its infant stages.
    06-04-2010 07:48 AM
  4. bucky716's Avatar
    I'm convinced that soon enough the full version of the Facebook site will work just fine on Android phones so they're not wasting their time with an app.
    06-04-2010 08:58 AM