1. slthree's Avatar
    A few months back I trialed a Hero. I downloaded handcent and imusic (among others) AND LOVED THEM

    After finally retiring my Treo 755p for good this morning when I picked up my Evo I immediately went to the app store throughthe "market" icon on the home screen and could not find Handcent or imusic. I found a lot of font packs and even a keyboard for handcent but couldnt find handcent.

    As far as imusic goes, nothing. I searched using "imusic". I searched the "multimedia" section. Nothing.

    Please help if these are still around

    Thanks in advance

    BTW, I cant believe how accurate the speech to text is. Way better than when I trialed the Hero
    06-04-2010 01:49 PM
  2. slthree's Avatar
    OK, just got to page 4 and saw that someone already asked about handcent. please ignore that part of my post.

    I still would like input on "imusic" though
    06-04-2010 02:03 PM
  3. mandyd78's Avatar
    I noticed that imusic was gone a month or so ago. Dont' know what happened to it. I was wondering about handcent also.. I'll have to go lok at page 4
    06-04-2010 03:09 PM
  4. CharlieL3's Avatar
    There was a Handcent update on the market this afternoon.
    06-04-2010 07:12 PM