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    I am using Twitter App v3.0.1 on Android v2.3.3. My phone is Samsung Galaxy S2 (GTI9100) on Vodafone India

    The problem I am facing is that I am unable to get instantaneous push notifications for new Tweets. I am not interested in push for DMs and @mentions, I want push for new tweets.

    * Thw twitter blog mentions that they now offer push notifications for new tweets too.
    From: Twitter Blog: Twitter for Android – Now with Push Notifications and Multiple Accounts

    "First, we now offer push notifications. Push notifications let you instantly receive Twitter updates no matter what youre doing on your phone. In your account settings, select automatic refresh and choose to receive updates for Direct Messages, @Mentions (from the people you follow or anyone), and Tweets.

    * But the help pages mention that there is no push notification for new tweets
    From: https://support.twitter.com/articles...er-for-android

    "Twitter for Android offers push notifications for mentions and messages, as well as standard notifications for new Tweets."

    So which is it - does twitter support push notifications for new tweets or not?

    Btw, I am not seeing any "Automatic Refresh" option in my settings menu. My Menu shows a screen like this,

    But I am seeing that people using older version are getting menu like this which has "Automatic Refresh" option

    Thus, why doesn't my latest twitter version 3.0.1 have this automatic refresh option? Should I downgrade to v2 to get push notifications for new tweets?

    02-07-2012 08:11 AM