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    I have a Sprint Evo 3D. I have a group set up that I want to SMS. When I select to message the group, I get an error that one contact doesn't have a phone. That contact though does have a phone number. Is this because of the Sprint 10 message at once limitation?

    Additionally, some of the contacts in the group have more than one number, one for husband (say listed as "mobile" and one for wife, say listed as "car"), but it seems sending an SMS to the group will only send to the "mobile" number. Sending a single SMS, I can select any of the contact's numbers to send to. Is there any way to get more than one number per contact included in the group?

    I'm using the stock messaging app, but am open to switching either to a new SMS app, a Group SMS app or both if there is anything that will resolve one or both of these issues.

    Any thoughts?
    02-08-2012 07:30 PM