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    We are a software company located in Moscow, Russia. We've been developing apps for the iPhone and iPad since early 2010. If you need to develop a product for iOS, Mac OS X or Android: support@fmech.org

    Our website: MKB "Fine Mechanics"

    Try out our meditation app ZenClock
    Fully functional multiplatform meditation exercises helper. Includes full set of essential settings for breathing cycle, timer, and log. Implements several unique features, such as group meditations, beginners' guide etc. All in all, about 100 features.

    1. Group meditation:
    - Facebook profile authorization;
    - Send invitations to meditate via friend-list;
    - ZenClock using friends indication;
    - Push-notifications with invitations to meditate;
    - Visual mapping of meditating groups;
    - Ability to join any groups by yourself.

    2. Settings:
    - Flexible breathing cycle settings;
    - Several sound schemes;
    - Voice hints for breathing;
    - Volume settings for different sound groups
    - Extended log, with the ability to reset up session
    - Settings templates.

    3. Standby mode:
    - quick session start feature;
    - Meditating groups and connection animation;
    - Analog clock simulation.

    4. Additional features:
    - Exercises guide with auto apply setting function;
    - Multilingual search over active sessions and friend-lists;
    - Session filter on the number of practitioners.


    02-10-2012 04:41 AM