1. Gscully's Avatar
    I use an app for work called the independent server and they just updated the app and screwed it up. i need to take a photo within the app and they added buttons and moved the take picture button to the left side of the screen so now i have to use two hands to take a picture, it's very annoying but who cares.

    is it possible to revert back to the previous version of the app and if it is, how do i do it?
    02-18-2012 06:58 AM
  2. baseballfanz's Avatar

    Settings>Applications>Manage application>look for your app and see if there's an "uninstall update" option.
    Not all app have the "uninstall update" option howevr.
    if not search the intrnet for the apk of that app and reinstall it, go into market and untick the auto update option.
    02-18-2012 11:04 PM