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    Apn4Apps Version 1.0.5
    - Notification support added
    - Small memory leak fix

    Apn4Apps Version 1.0.3

    - Crash on ICS fixed
    - Runtime selected applications update check added
    - Service is enabled right after install
    - New Mobile Data timeout values added

    Apn4Apps Version 1.0.1

    - Applications list issue fixed when a new application installed or removed
    - Speed of applications list is improved. It is refreshed only when a
    new application installed or removed
    - About added
    - Turkish language support added


    Mobile Data, Wi-fi, GPS and Bluetooth drain the battery life the most. Most of the users manage Wi-fi, GPS and Bluetooth manually. But how about Mobile Data? You can manage it by using APN widgets. But sometimes you may forget to disable it before the screen goes off. Apn4Apps disables mobile data when the screen is off and enables it according to the selected applications. If your selected application which needs internet connection starts to run on the foreground means you actually start using your selected application, Apn4Apps enables the mobile data automatically. It doubles the battery life without complex settings like battery savers. There are applications still running at the background downloading data even if you disable auto-sync and background data. So Apn4Apps is also very useful for users who have limited internet plan.

    Apn4Apps requires Android version 1.6 minimum. Below Android version 2.2 it disables the APN by adding suffix to APN and APN type. If you uninstall it without the mobile data connection please check your APN settings and remove apn4apps suffix from your settings.
    For Android version 2.2 and above Apn4Apps manages the mobile data without modifying APN settings

    Apn4Apps is available in Android Market:

    QR Code:


    I'm the developer of Apn4Apps.

    I developed this application because my android phone battery can only go for 1 day. I realized that when I disable mobile data completely it can go up to 4 days. Just making phone calls and text.
    I found widgets for disabling the mobile data but sometimes I forget to disable mobile data before the screen goes off.
    Most of the battery saver applications disable mobile data when the screen is off and enable it when the screen is on.
    But most of the time I dont use my phone for internet. I take some notes, play basic games.

    I searched for an application which can disable the mobile data when the screen is off and enables it according to the previously selected applications. For example this application should enable mobile data automatically when I actually start to use Facebook for instance.

    I couldnt find any. So I developed Apn4Apps. It turns out to be a usefull application for users who have limited data plan

    Its free, no ads

    Hope you'll like it.
    02-19-2012 11:03 AM
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    I've updated Apn4Apps. The biggest change is ICS crash fix. Its tested on Samsung Note ICS 4.0.4.
    Feel free to send me your comments if you have any further queries.

    09-11-2012 05:33 PM
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    Apn4Apps 1.0.5 published
    - Notification support added
    - Small memory leak fix
    04-14-2014 06:24 AM
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    Apn4Apps 1.0.6 published

    - Deep slepp fix has been implemented
    10-29-2014 01:17 PM
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    Hey, nice app. Was wondering what selecting the apps does. Is that what apps you want to disable on screen lock?

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    10-31-2014 01:02 AM
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    No. Actually when you "run" or "open" one of selected apps it automatically enables the mobile data. So for example no need data connection when you run notebook but you would need data connection when you run whatsup, facebook, twitter, chrome etc.
    11-04-2014 08:11 AM
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    How do I root my lgms500 phone

    Posted via the Android Central App
    11-14-2014 01:55 PM