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    My phone I use for my business. We close at 5:00. I would like my voicemail to changed to something else after 5:00. Is there anything like that?

    Example: During the day it might say sorry we missed your call we are either on the other line or have stepped out of the office.

    After 5: You have reached so and so after hours. blah blah blah.

    If I could find something like this I would even pay for it.

    Thanks, Jason
    02-22-2012 04:55 PM
  2. Xopher's Avatar
    Do you have a Google Voice number? You can set it up to only ring numbers during certain hours, and you can have multiple greetings. I haven't found a way to switch greetings automatically, but at least it can be set up to ring only during business hours.

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    02-22-2012 08:37 PM