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    Root Quiz

    slushpupie for his java/php/mysql guidance, birbeck for his previous random java guidance, dodgejcr and mucus for their graphics and freenode #gen-dev for testing!
    Thanks to SDX for support!!

    This application allows users a fun and exciting way to test their knowledge on everything root related for Android devices. Scores are stored online allowing users to compare/rank themselves against other users!

    Badges: After completing a quiz, take your user id and check out the badges section where personal badges are generated displaying your results! The personal badges make sharing quiz results easy, simple and convenient!
    Results: Quiz results are publicly available for all to compare, compete and share. At the beginning of the quiz the user is able to select anonymous results displayed using a numeric User Id OR a filtered version of their account name.

    Currently, there are two sets of quizzes: basic and advanced.
    The basic quiz covers introduction terminology, basic methods of gaining root access and general common Android root knowledge.
    The advanced quiz is definitely advanced and has many challenging questions specializing in how root exploits are contructed and operate.
    Internet connection is required in order to take the quiz. Roughly 10 questions will be provided and a score will be given at the end. The quiz is timed and incomplete quizzes/retakes are counted.

    Results are available here: Root Quiz

    Application Versions:
    Limited Version: Same quality experience as the Pro version but is limited to one quiz and distributed for free. Quiz results are stored on the same web host as the Pro version.
    Pro version: Allows unlimited quizzes plus the ability to review questions missed and resources to further research/learn the concept.
    Open to suggestions: Share the features you want to see!

    Market/Download Locations
    Limited version (free): Root Quiz Limited
    Pro version (99 cents!): Root Quiz Pro

    Please PM, email, tweet or find me on IRC and provide feedback, suggestions and comments. I'm always interested in improving my applications!
    Any questions, comments, concerns, or issues, please post in this thread, tweet me, msg me on IRC or email me! Thanks for all the help and support!
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    02-24-2012 05:24 PM