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    It's my first application that can help you to have very strong password for a different services, when you must to remember only one password - Master Password
    The Master Password application will generate a complex password based on your master password that you submit, domain and a user name.
    The unique encryption algorithm will create a cryptographically strong password. Its important to remember that the result will always be the same - so long as the fields are identical.

    Features & Benefits:
    • Requires that you remember only ONE password - Master Password will generate unique password for every service you use
    • Master Password DOES NOT STORE your passwords - not on remote server or even locally on a phone.
    • Impossible to crack password.
    • Password length is up to 32-characters.
    • Auto-complete for known domains.
    • Add your own domains.
    • Validation of correctly field data.

    Link on Market - https://market.android.com/details?i...masterpassword

    QR Code:

    Thanks you all :o)
    02-26-2012 07:24 PM
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    BTW, App is absolutely FREE with NO ADS
    02-27-2012 05:04 AM
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    Application has been updated:

    ∙ Auto-complete for User names;
    ∙ Remember last password length;
    ∙ Ability to send passwords by email;
    ∙ Recent bugs fixes.
    03-16-2012 08:10 PM