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    Hey everyone,
    yesterday i have published my latest app in the Android Market.
    This time it is a collection of quotes and jokes from various categories (Chuck Norris Jokes, Drinking Quotes, ...)

    It uses ActionBarSherlock to bring the ICS/HC ActionBar to all of you (even <Android 3.0 devices).

    I'm happy about any kind of feedback to improve the app! Looking forward to hear from you!

    Get it via this link:


    or the QR Code

    Some background info:
    • The backend is done with Google AppEngine + Jersey (RESTful webservice).
    • All the quotes are saved in the AppEngine datastore.
    • The app aggregates the view counts of all views in the internal SQLite database and submits those aggregated values once every day (to prevent massive write operations on the AppEngine datastore).
    • Ratings are submitted instantly.
    • The app has an auto update feature which will be executed once every day by default (interval configurable and you can also turn it off completely). This update process retrieves only those quotes that have been changed since the last update. They are transmitted with a GZIP compression to save your bandwidth!

    02-28-2012 09:30 AM