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    I present you AppsBeam, see all your apps at a glance, an original and easy ...really easy and ergonomic app manager with useful shortcuts and a random feature !

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    See instantly all your apps at a glance and manage them directly and instantly (launch, share, informations, rate, uninstall), without scrolling ...and scrolling and coming back and forth... A time saving app !

    You can even launch applications at random if you don't want to choose one in particular or want to experience randomness ! You can look for market apps suggestions with a random search feature !

    Apps-Beam displays on a large grid, tiny icons of your apps so that you can quickly access to all of them, in the blink of an eye; just click on an app to launch it and long click to share, uninstall, see information, bookmark, hide, rate on the market (with predefined custom comments to make it even easier !).


    - Fullscreen launcher
    - See all your apps at a glance, instantly, without scrolling ...and scrolling (90+ apps can be displayed in a regular screen)
    - Apps listed in alphabetical order by default...change in settings to experience !
    - Detect at launch when apps list has changed and update itself !

    - single click: launch
    - long click: share, rate in the market, bookmark, hide, see information, uninstall
    - Multiple selection to hide/bookmark/share (useful for recommendations)
    - Share all your bookmarked apps (long click from bookmarks panel)
    - Launch one of your application at random and see notification bar to launch another one again ...at random !
    - Launch at random from your bookmarked apps ! (set in settings)
    - Rate an app with predefined custom comments
    - Search on the web for more information

    - Fullscreen
    - Choose background color (see settings: slide on color picker and push colored disk in the middle)
    - Custom icon size from tiny...really tiny to large 150px icons: see instantly the rendering and save your preference
    - Custom size for bookmarks panel (choose a size with the slider;back;open bookmarks;save size;that's all !)

    - Time saving !

    Some hints
    The fastest way for multiple selections (share/boomark/hide):
    -sliding navigation panel
    -check checkbox
    -select your apps
    -click on options icon in the navigation panel
    -...and bam !

    For options, you can also long click on any item, then "selection options".


    Just put the icon of Apps-Beam on your home screen and enjoy with this new app manager concept !

    To use notification for random app in notification bar efficiently, when you return back to Apps-Beam, push home button so that the app is maintained in background; then just pull down your notification bar and launch apps at random ...till you clear notification or you close Apps-Beam app !

    Give it a try on the Android Market
    Download link: Android Market

    To "batch uninstall" apps, 3 steps:

    1)Slide the handle of the navigation panel (bottom) and check the box to activate multiple selection
    2)select your apps
    3)click options button (navigation panel or long click an item then "select options") then "uninstall"

    ..and there you are !

    We added translucent background for color also ! Check menu/settings/background and choose your transparency level for your favorite color. It works also for custom png background images (save your custom image in "ergsap/appsbeam/background" on your sdcard and choose it via menu/background) !

    Two things:
    -Translucent background won't work for OS version Eclair (2.1) and below ... (incompatibility issue with translucent and fullscreen feature)
    -To set your custom background color, background image has to be disabled (see menu/background/"no background" and then restart to see your favorite background color)

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