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    How do you do when you want to advertise new products to users?
    How do you do when you want to share information about your favourite products with others?

    Nowadays, you have many ways such as through leaflets, sending emails, sms, websites or newspapers, magazines or even oral advertising. However, these facilities have their weakness such as: high cost, unsuitable for retail and store, information can not spread everyone

    Do you want a new way that communication with your community become more easily and more interesting?
    WOMMA is an application that allows creating an oral information network, and it is totally automatic. WOMMA will automatically transfer the information to link community even when people there are strangers. With WOMMA you can create, receive, and share the media information to people via WiFi networks. The information will be transferred automatically from a mobile to another when your Android phone is connected to WiFi.
    This application is useful for everyone to communicate about everything with every people in a community. It is also especially geared to small business that need to quickly absorb how market about the brands by multimedia news. Multimedia news is fantastic marketing tool, if you know how to use it. WOMMA will help you to create multimedia news which contains photos or video, text, map, and then broadcast news to community automatically and completely free.

    Now WOMMA is available on Android market at:

    For more information:
    ISB Vietnam released WOMMA
    03-07-2012 12:40 AM