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    Hi Everyone

    Remote Magic Mouse is a pretty handy and original app, that turns your mobile into motion controlled mouse for your desktop ,You can control games with your phone on your desktop computer ,but currently it seems like few game are supported like Quake 3 or Bioshock but not limited. It think Motion Controlled Mouse can be used for other games and software on your computer.I have found it very interesting to use my mouse with motion control.

    It has also a classic touch mouse mode in which you can do gestures like scroll up and down, single ,double tap,(mouse left click) and mouse right click gesture.there instructions int the app for gestures and how to use it.

    One more cool feature is that you can stream you desktop live on your mobile screen and pro version lets you to take screenshots of your desktop computer and save them on your mobile, You can also connected to multiple computers on your home wifi network.

    To use this app you need to download and install Remote Magic Mouse Server for your computer ,It works on Mac,Linux and Windows.

    Take a look at some screenshots and links .

    Free version - Remote Magic Mouse

    Pro version - Remote Magic Mouse Pro

    03-11-2012 08:20 AM