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    I have released a new app called WiScanifi that will turn your phone into a wireless barcode scanner for your computer. It is a paid app, but I am refunding the money of the first 5 people to download it, rate it, and review it. If you chose do review it please e-mail me afterwards so I can process a refund.

    Scan a barcode and have it immediately typed on your computer!
    Supports all barcode types!
    Supports Windows, Mac, and Linux!
    Retain history of all your scans to be able to send them again at a later point in time (one scan or all scans at once)
    Automatically type a new line, tab, or no key at all after each scan
    Offline mode allows you to scan when you are not near your computer and send all data via history when you are near your computer!
    Continuous Scan mode allows your computer to open up the scanner right after it finished one preventing you from having to click a button like other apps!
    Automatically discover your computer on the same wireless network (or manually enter the computer connection data).

    This app requires software for your computer as well. The software is available on WiScanifi

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    03-19-2012 02:25 PM