1. icu's Avatar
    I'm wondering if there is something like this or a way to do this and if not ... why?

    On my browser I have bookmarklets to save videos to my Boxee "Watch Later" queue and of course Read It Later for text. What I would love is just a simple app that can come up in the "share" list along with the YouTube apps to autmagically send a YT video to my Watch Later list (or other playlist).
    This would come in handy for those videos I can't watch right now on the go - at present I need to send a link to YouTube ... wait for it to launch ... initialize and start buffering just to get to the "Add to Watch Later button".

    I little thing, but it would be great. In fact it would be exactly like the Read it Later app in that I can "Share page" to it and it just adds it to my reading list etc. Would be great if this were built into the YT app tbh.

    Any tips of other apps people use to save videos and other links to check out later (that's fast and with as few steps in the process as possible)?
    03-21-2012 10:44 AM