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    Like me, you might have wondered which to use from many Diary applications on Android market and found it difficult to choose. I'm not going to even try teaching you any of that, but I will share you how to use the free, easy to use the tool that allows you to manage, share your diary with others through a very special way.
    Not much is required for this application besides a Wifi Hotspot at where youre studying and work.

    To gain full experience within the app, you have install WOMMA application on Android market as link bellow:

    Imagine that youre in your school and create diary news about ourselves or things we find interesting, and immediately spread automatically to all your friends in school. We have created unique social experiences for friend to enjoy together.

    Imagine that you are cosmetics seller in a commercial center and after your creating sale-off news and immediately all of using WiFi customers in this center receive this from you. As a Seller in todays market, you should expect nothing more than this, shouldnt you?

    Hope that this new application that makes you feel more interesting to stay connected and share information within your community in real time.
    So, lets enjoy WOMMA with me now!!!

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    03-21-2012 11:26 PM