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    Pardon me as I'm relatively new to Android and Tasker. I have a Galaxy Ace and a few times during the week, I am blessed with the "mobile network not available" which prevents me from making/receiving calls. I have a minimal data plan so I tend to keep the "use packet data" option turned off and use strictly wifi.

    Not sure what the cause of the disconnect is yet, but I was hoping to setup a Tasker profile to monitor when this happens and notify me. I'm not sure if I've set this up properly, I've setup a State profile for Mobile Network ("Not Mobile Network Off, Off, On, Off) and Signal Strength between 0 and 1. The network is HSPA.

    Can anyone confirm this profile is correct, or point me to the source of the connection problem?

    Thanks in Advance.
    03-24-2012 10:45 AM