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    Vision Board 0.7.6

    Requirements: ANDROID 2.2 and more


    Lose weight? Make lots of money? Reach a goal? Your dreams can came true by using the powerful tool as its effectiveness was scientifically and experimentally proved.

    This powerful tool is the Vision Board (visualization board, wishes map). If you want to be happy, get out of a harmful habit, get rich, find your love then the Vision Board will help you to increase the probability to make your wishes a reality.

    The Vision Board is really popular worldwide and now you have possibility to create your own Vision Board on your phone with this unique application. The Vision Board will be always with you.

    More Info:

    Now you can easily and quickly visualize your dream by using the Vision Board app and its embedded symbols. You can create your own symbols base using any images and photos, save the maps templates, use the ready templates on the popular topics. The Vision Board creation is the perfect way to spend your free time, to define your life priorities and goals, to emphasize your problems and ways of its solution. You can create the template of your dream just a few minutes and then return to it any time, edit and add it with new useful amendments.

    This wonderful and totally magic technique operates without any magic rituals. Its work based on laws of nature and laws of dreams attraction. It's scientifically proved.

    Take the first step towards your dream and it is defiantly will come true!

    The full application version includes:
    311 wishes symbols from 18 categories;
    385 ready affirmations;
    handy search by names and symbols descriptions;
    7 popular embedded templates of Vision Board: Feng shui , Mutual love, Active life-style, Married life, I eat and grow thin, Get rich quickly, I am lucky;
    your own templates creation and saving;
    your own symbols creation based on photos and images from the network, its
    cropping by the rectangular area or by free form;
    handy tools for Vision Board creation, symbols moving, rotation, scaling;
    positive statements (affirmations) addition and its font settings;
    text blocks creation;
    background color or background pictures changing;
    tools for sending the finished Vision Board by email, MMS, social network and so on;
    detailed manual and recommendations for effective Vision Board creation.


    Full PRO version - https://market.android.com/details?i...visionboardpro

    New version - 0.8.1

    1. At the request of users added 6 new symbols to the "Health" category - stomach, brain, heart, kidneys, lungs, liver.
    2. Added 9 new symbols to the "Entertainment and Recreation" - tent, BBQ, dinghy, deckchair, holiday table, flip-flops, backpacks, coach shoes, fishing tackle.
    3. Added 4 new symbols to the "Sport and Healthy Life" - mat, jump rope, scales, apple and meter.
    4. At the request of users added a new symbol to the "Good Luck and Success" - rainbow.
    4. Completely changed the navigation in the app.
    6. Added new view when the app exits.
    7. Fixed some minor bugs.
    03-26-2012 12:13 AM
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    New version 0.8.5

    1. Improved performance.
    2. Added a new template "My health" to change the consciousness in order to concentrate on the health improvement of the body (for the full version).
    3. Fixed problem with drag symbols on some devices.
    4. Fixed issue with save window size.
    5. Fixed issue with "Delete" button.

    03-31-2012 02:30 PM
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    Global Update!
    ★ Improved performance and speed.
    ★ Now you can publish your Vision Boards of our site ( Dream Vision Board ) as well as images and templates and get feedbacks.
    ★ Now you can use the user`s templates published on our site ( Dream Vision Board ) in your Vision Boards.
    ★ A few new symbols added.

    Now our users can post their Vision boards on our site. Moreover, other users can rate these Boards, post comments, like, tweets, etc. But that’s not all. The most important thing is that these created ours users Vision boards can be opened on your device, edited and used in your projects. This is very interesting and effective. You can use symbols or affirmations created by other users in their projects. Of course, if the user allow to use the template.

    All published Dream Vision board are displayed in a new special section of our website – “Vision boards”. Since the daily published a number of new boards, provides pagination and sorting by date and rating. The home page displays the preview of the top three rated boards and the last three added.

    Now you can open the template you like directly from the app. You can also vote for the template and leave a comment. The main thing is to be released a new version of the application “Dream Vision Board”.

    Stay tuned for updates. In the near future you`ll soon see the amazing innovations that make the process of creation your Vision boards exciting and enjoyable. For example: adding sound affirmations of wishes, the search for custom user`s templates, copy symbols in the items gallery, the cloning of symbols, effects for text blocks, animation of symbols to meditate on them.

    We very much want to with help of our application, you, dear users, creating bright, beautiful, attractive boards that would change your life for the better and helped prompt the embodiment of your wishes. Tell the world about your goals, dreams and desires and the Universe will help you implement its.
    07-27-2012 12:55 PM
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    The long-awaited major update:
    - lots of new features;
    - recording positive statements from the microphone and insert directly to your Dream Vision Board (for PRO);
    - adding shadow and glow effects to the items;
    - blocking items for easy positioning;
    - repeatedly accelerated process of saving;
    - re-designed interface and navigation;
    - acceleration and performance;
    - bug fixing.
    Be magical!
    Get this app
    10-13-2012 01:08 AM
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    Create your Valentine card with help "Vision Board"

    ✰ ✰ ✰ Motivate yourself ✰ ✰ ✰
    Or get it for free

    02-13-2013 01:38 AM
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    Be sure to try the new version of Dream Board 2 - a huge number of new.
    Can safely say that it is one of the best apps for collage makers, motivation and execution wishlist.


    [App] Vision Board v 0.7.6 - wishes come true-power_over_money.jpg
    06-20-2014 04:20 AM