1. bosk0691's Avatar
    I have a samsung galaxy s 1 4G with telus and I'm an unhappy camper!!

    -Why can't a phone with so much processing power and memory process an offline voice search of my contacts or start an app by voice command.
    -what's with the inability to translate languages offline.
    -Why can't I record a phone call without it being on speakerphone
    -Why isn't there a 3 button wired headphone solution like for the iphone. I'd like to listen to music and be able to access different functionality by pressing buttons on the inline mic instead of taking the phone out of my pocket every time!

    I want the ability to be not on a data plan. Or I'd like to see more functionality when I'm in areas without data because the phone hardware is certainly capable!
    03-26-2012 08:58 PM
  2. EvilMonkey's Avatar
    I don't know how well these work, but there are a couple that work offline:
    Voice Control And Choice Dialer

    There is an offline translator app, but as expected, it's a huge install (17M): Offline Translator

    Really though, for most things requiring voice commands and translation, the heavy-lifting of actually processing your voice is done "in the cloud"...it's not done on the phone. You speak into the phone, it sends to it some big server farm somewhere, which processes it and sends the real command back to the phone.

    These programs that do it and do it well are big programs requiring a lot of processing power. While the end result seems simple, it's not a simple task to accomplish (it's really a miracle of modern technology that we can do this, and it shouldn't be taken for granted).

    I have never had to record a phone call.

    Ditto for trying to control music from an inline control on a mic, but a 2 second Google search yielded at least 3 apps that try to address this (Hopefully one of these works for you): Headset Button Controller and here's a link to the trial: TRIAL or there's Headset Droid or JAYS Headset Control.
    03-28-2012 08:06 PM
  3. bosk0691's Avatar
    Thanks for the Help Evilmonkey,
    I'll give voice control and Choice dialer and offline translater a try

    I can see for voice searching for a website, you'd have to be on line anyway so that wouldn't be a problem... but for starting an app that's local to my phone I can't see that as being a big draw on resources.

    For recording a phone call... sometimes someone may be on the phone with me and giving me information that I can't write or type in or they are unable to text or message me at the time. So if I'm able to record the audio, I can play it back and if I needed to, transcribe it later. There is an ap that can record calls but you have to have your phone in speaker phone mode to record the conversation through the external mike.

    For the 3 button mic controller, I tried headset button controller already but all the buttons wouldn't work with my phone.

    I suppose my gripe is really that I feel with androids market share, there should be more accessories that are at least on par with what the iphones have.

    My wish list would include full functioning 3 button mic and headphones and "doc-ability" with sound systems
    04-08-2012 11:09 AM