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    AndroidLib.dll is a .NET assembly that easily handles communication between a connected Android device and your program. DISCLAIMER: This is not a program that will run on your computer! This is a compiled dll for .NET developers (Visual Basic(VB) and C#) to reference in their projects. There are 2 main classes that make up AndroidLib.dll. The first main class is AndroidController. The AndroidController class is a semi-wrapper of the ADB (Android Debug Bridge) binary, and also will contain functionality to sign .ZIP files for easy flashing to your device. The second main class is Device. This class contains useful information about the device (for example: software/hardware info, memory info, battery stats, mount points for partitions, root status, and much more), and it also exposes many instance methods to control your phone such as Rebooting, Mounting Filesystems, Push/Pull/Install Files, and much more to come. AndroidLib.dll contains all of the Android binaries necessary to work properly. AndroidLib.dll also assumes that the phone's Android Drivers are already installed correctly on the target machine, or that your program will take care of that.

    This is perfect for any developer that wants to create, for example, an auto-rooter or any other application that needs to connect with Android devices in Visual Basic or C#. AndroidLib provides all the methods you need to communicate with the Android device. This will cut back on the code you actually have to come up with write yourself by a HUGE amount.

    What it does:

    • Provides easy-to-use code for communicating with Android devices in .NET
    • Provides easy access to information about the connected Android devices
    • Has a large list (and growing...!) of methods to call on the connected Android devices

    Add a reference to AndroidLib.dll in your .NET project and begin using this great API.

    Future Additions:
    • More Device Hardware Information
    • Memory Information
    • Advanced Logcat
    • Digital Signing of Zips
    • Flashing of Images and Zips
    • Much more...

    .NET 3.5 or Higher

    Version | 03.27.12
    • Initial Release

    Download Latest Release

    Download Info
    AndroidLib_1.0.0.0.zip MD5: f90ed47cc58676020221198cec5c378a

    Source Code Available By Request Only
    03-27-2012 02:36 AM
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    This project is still under substantial development, but it is now at a point where it is releasable to other developers to use in their own projects. Pm me or post in this thread and I will send you a link to the library to use. I have also written an updater app to check for updates to this library, as there will be quite a few features added in the future. NOTE: these updates will most likely NOT break existing code.
    03-27-2012 02:39 AM
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    Also, I'm sort of new to Android Central (I'm primarily over at xda).. If anyone could let me know a better forum to post this to have a lot of developers be able to see this, please feel free to post that info here! Thanks guys!

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    03-27-2012 03:06 AM
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    Hey guys, check the first post to download the library. It is in a zip which includes the dll, "Getting Started.txt" and the documentation. Please read the getting started guide before diving into it! And please give me feedback on it. That would be much appreciated in order for me to deliver a better product.

    03-27-2012 06:40 AM
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    Hello I am new and I would like some examples of this librerya
    Thank you

    if I can contribute with something, I'll do it gladly
    10-19-2016 04:51 PM